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1:01pm 10-10-2019
Steve Patterson
I am Steve Patterson a Christian Blogger at CourageousChristianFather.com. I wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. So I figured I would go to your site and sign your guestbook. Thanks!
6:27pm 12-18-2018
First time here wonderful.
11:04pm 05-15-2018
Tammy Martin
Great Music
11:32pm 02-19-2018
Yvette Garel
I am so grateful for the opportunity to leave a message just to let you know that I have been blessed just listening to the music. Such a Blessed Assurance!
3:00pm 06-26-2017
Much love family.I thank God for you...up here in Botswana in Africa
6:51am 06-26-2017
Hello family. Up here in Botswana still listening to this heart warming gospel music in this beloved radio station.We love you family...We miss u sooo much.Grace from Botswana
11:53am 05-22-2017
Pastor Sean Welch
Heart warming music
2:51pm 09-04-2016
Evin Angus
Hello. my name is Evin Angus and I am a child of God, 7 weeks ago today God called me to open a nonprofit organization that provides a unique opportunity for the lost children that are trapped in a life of poverty,illness,and addiction. I have been at this for only the past 7 weeks and the kids that have been letting us guide them are doing great and are having a great time serving our LORD doing what ever he calls them to do. As every day goes by thes are getting themselves out of the bonds of sin WITH THE HELP FROM THE LORD ONLY,and their willingness to follow HIM ONLY,with the help from the church in our area.If you have any suggestions on this matter we are on facebook@ourLordshelpinghands that we gust was able to set up this morning at three. Thank you PS.you have been our river of life,and our journeys inspiration THANK YOU AND MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS US ALL.
1:23pm 02-10-2016
Love You all
7:14am 10-30-2015
Rosina Milhollin
I love the Journey, it helps me daily with what I'm going thru or will be going thru to help cope with what is ahead. I listen to it especially when I do my monthly bills. Its a relaxing sound when I'm working with the stress of bills. Thanks for being there for me and I was very happy to help yesterday, wasn't much but hope it helps. Love you guys. (wish I could be in the studio working with you guys, love the atmosphere. )
6:38pm 10-27-2015
Bill Anderson
Glad you have been blessed to reach the hearts of those searching for "Hope." Curt will be calling you as he's just getting back into Oklahoma City. His full 12 song CD will be released on January 15, 2016. Until that time, Keep it Beating will be the only song available on iTunes under Curt Anderson. We're all very glad that you liked the song very much and have it in your rotation. This was all directed by God as I called you by accident, but He knew what was going on all of the time
7:04am 08-05-2015
my daughter told me about your station and helped me find it and I just LOVE the music that you play. Thanks so much for reaching down to North Carolina
1:54pm 03-30-2015
Garrett Jackson
Powerful way to spread the word! hope to help any way I can.
10:19pm 01-22-2015
Pastor G. Robinson
May God bless your ministry and shower you and your family with blessings from the north, east, south, and west.
10:38am 09-18-2014
Grace Mpinare
Praise be given to the all mighty God. i love this radio station, whenever i am home i tune to it. the music just lift my spirit up. Keep going on this joyful journey full of grace and mercies that endures forever, u are blessed saints. U are ministering to the world through worship. WOW! It is not by might nor power but by my spirit saith the Lord of Host. stay blessed beloveds.
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