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11:11pm 08-28-2014
Pastor Chris Parks
Praise the Lord for this ministry and its minsters...They are truly gifted, anointed, and blessed of God. Drive on in Jesus...Drive on! You have my support.
12:57pm 08-14-2014
Daniel Cahill
Hi my brothers and sisters at Journey radio please say a prayer for me it was down to 60 last night and tonight and tomorrow do you have any idea how hard that makes my life it is the middle of August I do not have the right clothes for that but nobody cares maybe GOD maybe not .GOD richly bless you brother Danny 8/14/14
11:55am 08-07-2014
Lister Florence
it when a man or woman of God is obedience to what God has instructed them. Continue to do his will. May God's love, peace, patience, mercy and joy continue to to shine bright in you my brother.
Replied on: 5:42pm 08-07-2014

Thank you sir. That means more than alot. That's not only coming from my Head Deacon, but my Brother in Christ and a TRUE Friend. Blessings to you and your family.

6:48am 08-06-2014
Joan Havis-Fish
It's amazing to see God work! Who would have thought a simple plane flight across the country would put to amazing people in my life with a Christian radio network that is great suit to my production company and where I want to put my ad dollars. God bless you and your ministry and I pray for wonderful and majestic growth for the great work you are doing. Sincerely, Joan - PS - My mom says hello and she has learned how to get to your website and listens to it throughout the day.
3:28pm 07-21-2014
Daniel Cahill
Hi my brothers and sisters at Jouney radio if you were homeless in NYC for the last 5 years and will turn 68 in 3 days having pretty much lost all hope ,what would be your prayer well then that's mine because I trust your judgment right now more than my own.GOD richly bless you brother Danny 7/21/14
Replied on: 2:52am 07-22-2014

Brother Daniel, You are continuously in our prayers. Please keep us updated. Looking forward to your Praise Report. Keep your head up. Blessings to you

11:09am 07-18-2014
Lawanda Marshall-Lee
I'm sending a shout out to the white house Fam, President and 1st Lady Kelley!!! Nice website! See ya Soon
Tony & Lawanda
Replied on: 12:17am 07-19-2014

Thank you Bro. and Sis. we receive it!!! Thanks so much for visiting the new site. God is increasing excedingly and abundantly...and theres so much more to come! Be on the look out for the Journey Insight Blog page! Continued Blessing, Deac & Eld Kelley

9:14pm 07-17-2014
Demi Roseman
Replied on: 5:16am 07-18-2014

Thanks Brotha... Appreciate that.

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